Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

La Bastide de Caseneuve

These terms and conditions are intended for exclusive use in of the booking of accommodation in La Bastide of Caseneuve - Village Square – 84750 – Caseneuve.


These conditions constitue the reservation contract between the owners and the client staying in the guest room.

Our commitment


The owners are committed to providing the best possible welcome and levels of service to their guests, and to ensuring that their stay is totally agreeable. The owners will also be happy to provide any information about the region which may make the guests stay more enjoyable.


Length of stay

The reservation contract is for a specifically set period, and under no circumstances may a guest or guests continue to occupy a room or rooms beyond the date and time originally stated on the reservation contract unless agreed with the owners of Bastide de Caseneuve.


The guest or guests must arrive by 17.00 on the day specified in the reservation.

If arrival will be delayed or be later than expected on the first day of the reservation it is the duty of the guest or guests to inform the owners prior to 17.00 on that day. If the guest does not arrive by 19.00 on the first day of the reservation and has not contacted the owners, then the reservation contract will be deemed to have been broken and will become nul and void, and the owners reserve the right to rent the accommodation to other clients. Any deposit which may have been paid will then be forfiet and will not be refunded. The owners also reserve the right to charge the balance of the total price of the reserved accomodation.

Booking Confirmation


Upon receipt of a reservation request you will receive notification of receipt by e-mail and will be requested to pay the deposit within 7 days. Reservation is effective and will be confirmed upon receipt of the deposit corresponding to 30% of the total accommodation reserved, but not including any other charges.


Note that the deposit is banked upon receipt.
An acknowledgment will be sent to confirm receipt of the deposit.

Deposit payment can be made as follows:

Cancellation by the client


Any cancellation or termination of a reservation must be notified in writing to (La Bastide de Caseneuve, place du Village, 84750 Caseneuve) or by e-mail to the owners



Dinner may be requested with prior reservation, and will be served at 20.00 and with 6 people minimum.

As our supplies are sourced from local producers, guests requiring dinner are kindly requested to make a reservation the previous 48 h before on the day that dinner is required.

Payment of the balance due for the accommodation

Payment of the balance of the booking including all other costs incurred during the stay is due on the morning of departure.

La Bastide de Caseneuve

By Credit Card

By Cash in Euro's ONLY

Departure time


Rooms and house must be vacated by 11.00

Visitors access


Access to La Bastide de Caseneuve is only reserved for registered guests only.

Lifestyle and use of the premises

Compliance with a certain lifestyle is asked of all guests to ensure the peace and tranquility of the Bastide and to ensure the comfort of other guests.



Guests must abide by accepted behavioural norms while in bedrooms and all general areas of the Bastide as in the mentioned conditions.

Any disrespectful attitude or behaviour towards others guests, members of staff, the owners and their family, and to the buildings may result in immediate cancellation of the reservation, and the party concerned will be requested to leave the premises.

The customer agrees to leave the accommodation in perfect condition upon departure and to declare any damage that may have been caused, and to assume financially responsibilty for any such damage.


Change of Rooms


Should the reserved accommodations not be available at the time of arrival, other than for possible delayed cleaning, the owners reserve the right to change the room as originally booked and undertake to provide accommodation equal to or of higher level than that of the reservation.
In such case the cost of the reservation will remain unchanged.




The contract for accommodation is accepted based on the exact number of adults, and children over 12 years as stated on the reservation.

Should the number of guests in the party clients exceed the number for which the reservation was made, this may be considered to be a breach of contract and the owners will be entitled to refuse the additional guests.
Should this breach of contract result in the departure of the client, no refund will be considered or made.



For reasons of hygiene, and the peace and tranquility of other guests, the pets are not accepted at

La Bastide de Caseneuve.

In the event of a breach of this clause by a client, the refusal to accept pets by the owners of

La Bastide de Caseneuve shall not be deemed to represent breach of contract on the part of the owners of La Bastide de Caseneuve. As non-acceptance of pets has been clearly stated it would however be deemed to be a breach of the contarct of accommodation by the client.
In case of the client refusing to accept this ruling and leaving for this reason, no refund of any sort will be considered.



La Bastide de Caseneuve accepts no responsibilty or liability for loss, theft or damage to clients belongings either within the property or on any of the grounds forming part of the property.


La Bastide de Caseneuve accepts no responsibility or liabilty for any accident or injury to any guest or other person who may be present on the property, how-so-ever caused.


In case of any dispute, failing amicable agreement, only compentent and accepted authorities may be used to resolve the issue.

Acceptance of the conditions of sale :

The conditions of reservation are subject to change at any time without notice.

Acceptance and compliance with these conditions are deemed to have been understood and accepted upon payment of deposit.

Failure to observe the general conditions of sale and requests relating to personal behaviour will be considered to be a breach of contract on the part of the client.

In case of the client leaving before the end of the reservation period, no refund will be considered.


Personal Data


Under the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have a right of request access to and to rectify data concerning you.

La Bastide de Caseneuve hereby guarantees that it will not share, transmit or on-pass any information which may have been obtained in the course of the reservation process to other companies or organizations.

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